Month: May 2016

Child-Naming Patterns

Interesting read: Child-Naming Patterns – A tool to Assist with Family Reconstitution written by Richard Woodruff Price, MA, AG which clearly suggests that not only have child-naming patterns been around since the beginning of time but also how that same pattern can help assist in a persons genealogical research.

Links Page Updated

The Links to Websites with Italian Records page has been updated. Most of the links added are to free sites. There are several new links added and many more to add so visit often to see what’s new! If you have a genealogy or family website that you would like to add, I would love […]

Jewish Genealogy in Italy

Interested in Jewish-Italian Genealogy? Then make sure to check out the pages over at where they offer a wide variety of interesting page and resources which cover topics such as History of Jews, Surnames and Heraldry. From the Short History of Italian Jews written by Nardo Bonomi page: Italian Jews adopted family names since […]

Italian Surname Endings – Northern Italy

Did you know you can tell a lot about an Italian Surnames origin by it’s ending?  Or that generally speaking surnames in Southern regions of Italy end in vowels but as one moves North many surnames will end in consonants?  This can possibility be attributed to the fact that Northern Italy borders have changed several […]

Italian Audio Phrasebook

Need a quick reference to some of the more commonly used words used in civil records/genealogy research?  Want to know how to pronounce those same words? offers a great resource to many of these words AND lets you hear how they’re pronounced on their Italian Audio Phrasebook page. And for those interested in learning […]

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