Italian Audio Phrasebook

Need a quick reference to some of the more commonly used words used in civil records/genealogy research?  Want to know how to pronounce those same words? offers a great resource to many of these words AND lets you hear how they’re pronounced on their Italian Audio Phrasebook page.

And for those interested in learning more, they also offer other wonderful Italian Language Study Resources such as:

Language Lessons: Italian grammar, spelling, and usage.
Audio Phrasebook: Improve your pronunciation and build your vocabulary.
Workbook Exercises: Worksheets, drills, activities, and review.
Buon Divertimento: Italian jokes, riddles, and puns.
Italian Verbs: Formation, moods, tenses, and table of conjugations.
Study Guides: Challenge your skills and test your knowledge of various topics.
Audio Lab: Word of the day, survival phrases, ABC’s, numbers, and conversation.


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  1. Thanks! I have been studying Italian for the last year and the workbook exercises will be helpful.

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