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*This is an updated current tutorial to the previously posted content titled Pagine Bianche – Italian White Pages .*

A great resource for looking up Italian surnames and locating people in Italy is to use the on line Pagine Bianche [White Pages].  This telephone directory also links to the Pagine Gialle or the Yellow Pages so you can locate businesses.

There are a few ways to use the site. The first is to click on cerca per nome [search for name], then plug in the surname in the larger search bar directly below it.  You can also add the city, town or region in the adjacent search bar. Once done click trova and a list of people with that surname will appear who have listed numbers.  People with unlisted or private numbers won’t appear of course.  Phone numbers registered to females will appear with or be listed under their maiden names.

You can also search using a reverse look up if you happen to have a phone number but don’t know who it is.  Highlight the link that says cerca per numero [search phone number], insert the number and click trova.  If the number is a listed one it should show up.

Lastly you can search using the cerca per indirizzo [search by address] feature.  Just input the address,  click trova and see what pops up.

It also has some useful other features such as Ricerche più frequent – frequently searched numbers and Cognomi più cercati – surnames most searched which is rather interesting.

In any case, no matter how you choose to use the site it’s definitely a great resource to many searching for potential family in Italy.


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