Remembering 911

9/11 - Never Forget
9/11 – Never Forget

Today I’d like to just take a moment to remember those who perished during those horrific attacks on September 11th, 2001 and to honor those brave individuals who helped with rescue and clean up.

Fifteen years ago today, terrorists sought to cripple one of the strongest countries in the world by destroying buildings and killing almost 3,000 people as the world watched in horror on national television, helpless and afraid, as a series of horrific events unfolded before their eyes.

Looking back on the events of that day I am surprised that I no longer feel angry but sad and still very much afraid. Sad that so many innocent people died not only that day but in the several years since due to complications caused by those useless series of attacks.  Sad because so many children had their world turned upside down as they learned at a much too young age the world was dangerous in more ways than one.  Sad because families had their loved ones snatched from them without warning or a chance to say good bye.  Sad because for so many the nightmare will never end as they are forced to relive every detail of those attacks annually on this day.  No amount of words of wisdom, parades or ceremonies will reverse time and erase that day from history.  Afraid because in many ways the attackers accomplished what they set out to do.  They took a world that preached zero tolerance on racism and equality for all and taught it to tear each other apart in a horrible blame game. No longer are we assessing people individually but judging races and religions as a whole.  People are afraid to offend, afraid to practice their beliefs and afraid to just live and let live.  And it will only get worse if we continue in this direction.

But the world will continue to honor these fallen heroes and will continue to pray in which ever manner they choose, not only for the victims and their families but for the world so that they will never have to endure another physical or emotional attack of this magnitude again.  And maybe one day we can recover and begin to rebuild our world together instead of destroying it individually.


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