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Here is a list of some common foundling surnames which were often given to abandoned children prior to 1928.  Children were often named by record keepers or officials in the town.  However, sometimes wealthy members of the town or even those who accepted responsibly for the child (such as a god parent or guardian) were known to […]

More Italian Records Digitalized

The Mormon Church has now digitalized even more Italian records. Renting microfilms from the Family History Center may be a thing of the past  as more and more Italian records are digitalized and available for viewing on line thanks to the efforts of the Church of Latter Day Saints. Recently the LDS has not only digitalized these records […]

Sicilian Surnames – History and Onomatology [Luigi Mendola]

Sicilian Surname History and Onomatology This interesting article, found on the Best of Sicily Magazine website and written by Luigi Mendola, attempts to dispel a few myths while considering the origins and development of various surnames and how they originated in Sicily. It takes a bit of reading to fully focus on what he is […]

20 Top Surnames in Italy

According to an article in http://italian.about.com/od/italianculture/a/aa111704a.htm, written by Michael San Filippo, the top 20 surnames in Italy appear below. I have also included the meaning for each as well as alternate spellings. Russo and Rossi seem to be the most common. ROSSI – A red-haired or ruddy-complexioned individual, derived from the nickname “rosso,” meaning ‘ […]

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